Prof. Mathew CE Gwee

Professor Gwee is currently a Professorial Fellow and Chairman, International and Education Programmes in the Centre for Medical Education of the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. Professor Gwee currently serves in several local, regional and international committees, Advisory Boards, as well as the Editorial Boards of Medical Teacher, Medical Education, International Journal of Medical Education and J Medical Education and Curriculum Development. He is a pioneer in the field of medical education in Singapore and obtained his MHPEd degree from the University of New South Wales in 1981 during the tenure of a WHO Fellowship. He received the prestigious MILES Award in the 3rd Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference 2006, in recognition of his many contributions to Mentoring, Innovation and Leadership in Educational Scholarship. In recognition of his meritorious serviced for Medical Education he has been awarded APMEC Life Time Achievement Award and AMEE Life Time Achievement Award in 2017.

TOPIC TITLE: The Impact of Culture on Education Decision-Making

ABSTRACT: “Culture is the patterns of behaviour that are encouraged, discouraged or tolerated over time. It is what is created from the messages that are received about how people are uexpected to behave. Cultures develop in any community of people who spend time together, and who are bound together through shared goals, beliefs, routines, needs or values.”  Carolyn Taylor (2015)

Most organisations (including educational institutions) have a hierarchical structure with their own value systems which often reflect the culture of the organisation (the organisational culture). Academic teaching faculty in educational institutions (organisations) often need to engage in education decision making (edm), in order to undertake reforms strongly advocated in this century. However, potentially powerful forces often prevail within an organisational culture; such forces will significantly influence the outcomes of education decisions made and, ultimately, on the quality of national healthcare.

Insights on the impact of organisational culture in education decision-making will be discussed.