Prof. Dr. Rehan Ahmed Khan

Dr. Rehan Ahmed Khan is Assistant Dean Medical Education and Professor of Surgery at Islamic International Medical College, Riphah International University and visiting Professor of Medical Education in University of Lahore. Main areas of his interest are Curriculum, Assessment and E-learning. He has developed an assessment instrument ‘SLICE’ for the assessment of Long case. He has been a leading team member in designing, developing and implementing integrated modular outcome based curriculum at Islamic International Medical College. He is currently working on developing a tool on ‘Curriculum Viability’. He has several publications and presented at numerous International Conferences.

TOPIC TITLE : The Curricular Debate of aligning the curriculum with WFME Standards and Recognition of a Accreditation body

ABSTRACT: The year 2023 is fast approaching. Countries in which accreditation bodies that are not recognized by this deadline by WFME will have an impact in the form of their medical students not allowed to take USMLE examination in USA. It is thus a question of the hour what should be done by the accreditation agencies and medical school to meet these standards. This talk would provide an insight into this matter of importance.