Prof. Dr. Rahila Yasmeen

Prof. Dr. Rahila Yasmeen; Professor and Director Medical Education, Director MHPE Program, Chairperson faculty development committee, Riphah Academy of Research and Education, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Riphah International University-Islamabad. She has 13 years of experience in medical education and involved in core activities of medical education at her institution e.g. Curriculum Planning & Development, Assessment Planning, Program Evaluation and Faculty Development planning & execution and Educational research. She is one of the core members in designing of Curriculum of RAK- COD Rasulkhaima College of Dentistry in UAE, which is one of the eminent projects of Riphah International University. She is also a core organizing member of ICME- International Conference in medical. In her expertise, she has a wide experience & research work in faculty development & Curriculum development. She has publications in educational environment, Learning Styles, Assessment, faculty development and use of eLearning in medical education.

TOPIC TITLE: Quality parameters in Faculty Development Programs; a way forward

ABSTRACT: Due to paradigm shift in educational strategies in medical education, faculty development has become an increasingly important component of medical education. It has a critical role to play in promoting academic excellence and is one of the mechanisms for improving the instructional competencies of faculty/medical teachers to adopt & adapt the medical education reform.

The review of literature about faculty development in medical education has shown that up till now, diverse and myriad approaches are being used by the institutions to train the faculty to demonstrate various competencies and roles i.e. a teacher, curriculum planner & evaluator, educational, administrator and scholar at all level of the educational continuum i.e. at micro, meso and macro level. To assure the quality and effectiveness of these faculty development programs, it should be plan well with respect to different approaches used in it, learning transfer of skill at workplace, evaluation and assessment of impact.