Ottawa Symposium 3 : Out with the old, in with the new: Using conceptual frameworks to re-imagining research in selection and assessment

16:40 – 18:10, 12th MARCH 2018
Kelly Dore (McMaster University, Canada), Chris Roberts (University of Sydney, Australia), Prof. John Mclachlan (University Of Central Lancashire , United Kingdom),  Ara Tekian (University of Illinois, Chicago), Meghan McConnell (University of Ottawa, Canada)
Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), Abu Dhabi


This symposium will link psychometrics, selection, curriculum, and program outcomes in a socially accountable way. Internationally we have seen two main changing priorities in the selection. Firstly, the overall focus on selection parameters has shifted from identifying the most academically able trainees to achieving broader societal goals of increased representation. Secondly, an increasing emphasis on psychometrically driven selection (competency based) frameworks over locally defined selection methods. Given this paradigm shift, using a tool that withstands rigorous psychometric analyses without examining implications no longer seems adequate.  However, processes combining assessment tools within an overarching framework to assess diverse aspects of applicants’ abilities have not been well established. Logic models will be a case study of how application of conceptual frameworks can better address research across assessment by highlighting the critical components of the process, stakeholder perspectives, and evaluation methods.  Finally, the symposium will address some of the challenges of implementing (and studying) selection methods with differing theoretical underpinnings and stakeholder perspectives. The presenters bring a wealth of selection experiences and will share innovative theoretical insights from their different international contexts.