Ottawa Symposium 2 : Emerging Trends and Initiatives in the Implementation and Assessment of Entrustable Professional Activities

14:50 – 16:20 , 12th MARCH 2018
Machelle Linsenmeyer (West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, USA), Olle ten Cate (University Medical Center, Netherlands), Carrie Chen (Georgetown University School of Medicine, USA), Claire Touchie (University of Ottawa, Canada)
Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), Abu Dhabi


Competency based education is being used around the globe to formulate the values of the medical profession in words that enable a new perspective on curricula, training, and assessment.  To help facilitate translation of competency expectations into practice, entrustable professional activities (EPAs) emerged.  EPAs link competencies to the tasks or responsibilities that can be entrusted to a trainee once sufficient, specific competence is reached to allow for unsupervised execution.  Framing competencies in the context of what physicians do in daily practice can allow for assessments that align with observations in the clinical environment.   Efforts to move these initiatives forward for assessment of learners in the health professions have been developing throughout the world.   Panel members will outline several of these initiatives and provide an opportunity for audience members to pose specific questions for discussion.