Ottawa PCW 20 : Using virtual-reality simulators to assess competence in technical skills

13:30 – 16:30, 11th MARCH 2018
Lars KongeMartin Tolsgaard Amandus Gustafsson (Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education & Simulation (CAMES), Denmark)
Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), Abu Dhabi
USD 100 – ( Single ) | USD 200 – ( Package )

Level: Advanced


Virtual-reality simulators are excellent for learning technical skills. Training to a predefined proficiency level directs training, motivates the trainees, and ensures basic competency before operating on patients. However, development of clinically meaningful proficiency tests with sufficient evidence of validity can be a challenging task. The facilitators of this workshop have published more than 30 scientific studies on the development and validation of simulation-based tests. They will give valuable tips and tricks on feasibility, the five sources of validity evidence, standard setting, and on how to publish validation studies.

*Book 2 workshops on the same day (1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon) and receive a complimentary lunch ticket for the day