N. G. (Niv) Patil

Professor N. G. (Niv) Patil is currently Hon. Clinical Professor and Senior Adviser to Centre for Education & Training at the Department of Surgery; and Institute for Medical & Health Sciences Education (IMHSE) and Adviser to the Dean, at Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong.  He has been a surgeon and medical educator in India, UK and Papua New Guinea before shifting to Hong Kong in 1992. He was awarded MBE (Member of British Empire) for his outstanding services to people of Papua New Guinea. His passion for medical and health sciences education was recognized by University of Hong Kong with prestigious award of University Teaching Fellowship medal in 2004. He is actively involved in educational affairs of College of Surgeons of Hong Kong as a first Director for Department of Education and in the proceedings of East West Alliance and Universities 21 (U21) Health Sciences.

TOPIC TITLE: Competency Achieving Medical Education – Challenges & Solutions

ABSTRACT: Traditional medical curriculum is based on premise that student is ‘Able to achieve’. Current initiative towards ‘Outcome based curriculum’, though synonymous to ‘Competency Based Curriculum’, denotes ‘Able to show’ than ‘Able to do/perform’. With spectacular increase in number of medical schools and students across the world, there is a perception that medical schools are in danger of producing ‘fit to pass exams’ graduates than ‘Fit to practice’. Medical profession need to revolutionize curriculum to articulate role of medical schools by providing ‘Competency Achieving Syllabus’ which should clearly demonstrate practical approach in creation of undifferentiated doctors, tomorrow’s specialists with generic skills; and graduates who can perform well during internship. Author will highlight examples of competency achieving syllabus.