ICME Symposium 4 : Empathy in medical training; translating principles into real world practice.

16:40 – 18:10 , 13th MARCH 2018
William T. O’Connor (University of Limerick Medial School, Ireland)
Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), Abu Dhabi


Empathy is particularly important in considering others especially when making decisions and is therefore a basic component of all helpful human relationships including effective, therapeutic interventions. Yet empathy is often lacking in professional practice, as frequently reported by patients [1]. In this regard, it has been reported that empathy significantly declines in the third year of medical school, just when extensive exposure to clinical settings typically first occurs [2]. This main aim in this proposal is to address a gap in medical education by providing the scientific rationale for establishing opportunities for creative and effective empathy and engagement in medical practice.