Cees van der Vleuten

Cees van der Vleuten, PhD, is the Scientific Director of the School of Health Professions Education at Maastricht University in The Netherlands. Professor Cees van der Vleuten, Chair of the Department of Educational Development and Research at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, is awarded the 2012 Karolinska Institutet Prize for Research in Medical Education for his research in evaluation and assessment of medical competences. Professor van der Vleuten’s work has focused since the 1980s on how to evaluate what a student has actually learned. Assessment drives all learning and all curricula, all around the world, and Professor van der Vleuten has developed a method outlining how assessment can be used as part of an education strategy. He is also an outstanding research mentor. He holds honorary appointments in several Universities of the world.

TOPIC TITLE : Learning Driving Assessment

ABSTRACT : To better prepare learners for the needs of health care, education is rapidly moving towards outcomes and competencies, including an emphasis on self-directed learning as a basis for life-long learning. To be successful in making this transition, assessment strategies need to change. These changes include the assessment of behavioural skills, the focus on feedback, the use of narrative assessment information, more longitudinal assessment and monitoring, and supporting learners in their self-directed learning. Curriculum wide assessment strategies such as programmatic assessment will gain popularity. The general intent is to make assessment more meaningful for supporting learning. The old credo of “assessment driving learning” needs replacement by “learning driving assessment”.